Homemade pineapple jam

I remember that my parents used to make pineapple jam, that was when I was about 5 to 7 years old, when our family lived in Subang. In those years my parents seemed to have a more chilled life, they made bread and cakes and jam and noodles at home. My mum used to make a special cake with jelly and we loved it but has never made it since we moved to Sg  about 24 (!) years ago… Anyway, we used to have the pineapple jam on toast, my parents didn’t make pineapple tarts. Actually I can’t remember having them during Chinese New Year when I was still in Malaysia…now it is a must in Sg/Msia to have pineapple tarts.

I have tried making pineapple jam once a few years ago including peeling the pineapples… In Asia you could pay the ‘uncle’ a small fee to peel them for you, I’d happily do that! Here in UK, even if I offered double the amount nobody would do it for me, in fact they might even get offended! So I have to do it myself …. After the last time I did it I said never again. But this year, I really would like to have some pineapple tarts…so I have to make my own jam etc. Actually, it isn’t so difficult.


2 pineapples – I could only get them from Waitrose so I dont know the specific type. Weight after peeling about 1.6kg

350g caster sugar – i think this can be reduced a little, maybe to 300g. The pineapples were ‘supersweet’ variety, so could be for this reason that the jam ended up being a little too sweet.

1 small cinnamon stick


1. Peel pineapples

2. Cut into chunks and blend well.
3. (optional step) In batches, microwave at high power at 2 minutes pulses 3  times per batch. I wanted to help the water evaporating. Not sure if this step actually  made any difference.
4. Pour blended pineapple into a big pot with large surface area.
5. Add cinnamon stick and cook at medium heat. Stir only every once in a while.

NOTE: THE PINEAPPLE PUREE/JUICE WILL SPLAT and SPLASH. So be careful not to let them splat on you.
6. When the jam has been reduced to about 50-60% of original, add sugar and stir. The blend now becomes more watery again.

7. Keep cooking, stirring occasionally. Cook till you get a thick porridge consistency and the jam is a nice dark honey colour.

p1040001  p1040002
8. Remove from heat, cool a little and pack into jars.
NOTE: The jam will continue to caramelise in the hot pot. Stir occasionally.

Keep jam in the fridge – Use it for pineapple tarts or spreading on bread.


After 4 hrs plus of work, this was all I got! But it was worth it 🙂



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