Crostata di marmellata again (Italian cake with cherry jam)

Christmas has come and past, time flew past so quickly! My friend Alison kindly invited me for Christmas lunch this year so that I wouldn’t be alone at home. I made crostata di marmellata again to bring for the lunch. This time with a bit more butter and also did it alone, without the help of my puffo! For the ingredients and method please refer to my 1st crostata di marmellata post.



I used 175g butter this time. The dough was still a little difficult to put together but that is normal, I just needed more patience. I added in total about 2 tablespoons of milk to aid putting together, but remember to do this slowly so you don’t add too much. Il puffo’s mum said I could add some of the separated egg whites instead.crostata-di-marmellata_2016_dec_25

I think it looked good and it tasted good too, pastry was buttery and with the thin layer of jam, the whole dessert was the right amount of sweetness, so I’m happy about it. Also glad I managed to bring it safely to my friend’s place in my bicycle basket, the tin clanging all the way to her house!




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